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1.21 %
$ 140,418.34M $ 361.46M
2.11 %
$ 26,472.65M $ 160.83M
1.90 %
$ 16,093.62M $ 80.61M
BCHABCBitcoin Cash ABC
1.59 %
$ 7,081.28M $ 77.92M
12.34 %
$ 6,275.75M $ 164.12M
6.00 %
$ 5,830.10M $ 82.06M
BNBBinance Coin
6.69 %
$ 4,809.10M $ 305.44M
$ 3,031.57M -
XLMStellar Lumens
2.05 %
$ 2,417.39M $ 10.48M
1.61 %
$ 2,076.76M $ 26.11M
Binance Research Reports

A high-throughput public blockchain platform using sharding, designed to scale financial transactions.

A fully scalable and secure blockchain with key innovations in state sharding and peer-to-peer networking.

How are fiat-backed stablecoins adapting their strategies to remain competitive?

Third Party Rating Reports

TokenInsight | Insolar Rating: BB, Outlook: Stable(2019-4-30)

Insolar is committed to building an open-source platform for enterprise blockchain solutions. The project aims to solve the complex problem that enterprise applications are limited by a single network architecture and blockchain performance bottlenecks. Insolar is highly innovative with respect to its network architecture and consensus mechanisms. It aims to provide a blockchain network infrastructure featured with a clear hierarchy and flexible usage, realising the function of interactions between public and private networks, private data storage and dynamic consensus based on business logic, and adapts to the deployment requirements of enterprise applications to their maximum extent. Compared with its competitors, the project has strong development potential in privacy, flexibility and development cost. In conclusion, Insolar team is equipped with strong background experience, proper programming skills, high technological innovation, and excellent performance of the underlying blockchain development. However, the project was launched at a later time compared with other projects, and its development is still in its early stages of development. It is also important to keep in mind that the problem they are trying to solve is very complex and industry competition remains fierce. Thus, it is essential that Insolar focuses on developing its project ecosystem and partners. In general, the project has great potential. Therefore, TokenInsight gives a BB rating for Insolar and the outlook of the project is stable.

Factom (FCT) | Rating: 7/10 | Outlook: Neutral

Factom is developing a protocol that will enable companies to easily integrate legacy systems into blockchain technology. This will allow companies to store their data on the blockchain in an immutable and cost-effective manner. There are several components to the Factom technology stack. The first is the Factom Chain which stores hashes, or links to your documents. There are then Entry Blocks comprised of all the hashes in a particular Chain ID. Each minute the Federated servers pull together all the Entry Blocks created and place them in a Directory Block. Then every 10 minutes the 10 Directory Blocks created are anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain by a randomly chosen Authority node. For Consensus, Factom uses something similar to the Raft algorithm. The Factom network reaches consensus through the random election of a leader from the pool of Federated Servers. These Federated servers are the primary servers and are the only ones who can write data to the blockchain and receive mining rewards. Factom held an ICO back in 2015 and were able to raise a total $541,000. In the sale they issued their native currency, Factoids (FCT). These are used to decentralise the network and prevent user spam. There are also Entry Credits (ECs) that are used to vote for authority nodes. These can be bought with FCT. The Factom team has a wide array of experience in different industries. Development has been progressing at a steady pace as is evidenced from their GitHub. There is also a reasonable sized community behind the project. FCT tokens were released to the market not long after the ICO and remained flat for a long period of time. They followed the 2017 bull market higher and the 2018 bear market lower. Trading is mostly taking place on Bittrex and Poloniex. Volume on these exchanges is low which means that liquidity is quite thin. FCT is much more volatile than similar sized altcoins. *Coin Bureau's views are not investment advice. Do Your Own Research.
Coin Bureau