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Nexus(NXS)主要目的是让用户可以在没有中间银行或第三方媒介的情况下快速和安全地传输价值。它打算在区块链协议中添加一个空间元素来构建和完善它。Nexus计划与航空航天工企业进行合作,将“立方体”卫星发射到近地球轨道(“立方体卫星网络”),可能允许使用卫星通信发送加密货币(类似的概念是Blockstream卫星)。Nexus是由美国SpaceX公司的吉姆·坎特尔(Jim Cantrell)的儿子科林·坎特尔(Colin Cantrell)创立的。由于这种独特的关系,他们也打算与航空航天工业进行密切合作。

    Dino Farinacci

    Dino Farinacci

    Software Engineer

    Dino Farinacci is a software engineer, technology visionary and one of the creators of the internet. As one of the first Fellows at cisco Systems, Dino holds over 40 Internet and Networking related patents and has been a major IETF contributor for nearly 30 years with ~50 RFCs and Internet Drafts published. Dino is the founder of lispers.net, a non-profit engineering organization where he focuses on design and deployment of the LISP protocol for IoT, cryptocurrency and 5G mobile networks..

    Alex El-Nemer

    Alex El-Nemer

    Executive Director, UK

    Alex El-Nemer graduated from the University of Bath England with a degree in Economics. He quickly realized the need to reform monetary frameworks and witnessed first hand the shortcomings of the current payment systems while working as an FX trader in London. Initially he was drawn to Nexus as it addresses what are in his opinion the two most important elements of a digital currency: security and scalability. Alex began working on Global Business Development and building partnerships around the world. He now manages the UK office with a continued focus on enterprise adoption.

    Brian Vena

    Brian Vena

    Director of Business Development

    Brian Vena is a visionary known for evolving business strategies with investors, executives and brands across multiple industries. With over twenty years experience in sales and marketing with Nestlé U.S.A and Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc., Brian has launched twenty-three brands and is a five time winner of the Cresset National Sales Award.

    Carolyn Sechler

    Carolyn Sechler

    US Embassy Board of Directors

    Carolyn Sechler is a CPA, geek, and recent addition to the board of The Nexus Embassy. She was an early internet adopter having the first website for a local CPA firm in 1985. She founded a CPA firm that year and it became a totally virtual firm in 1997, currently serving over 600 nonprofit organizations, with a team of 28 in 5 states and Canada. Always seeking visionary solutions for her clients, she recently added cryptocurrency and blockchain to her quiver.

    Colin Cantrell

    Colin Cantrell

    Lead Software Architect

    Colin Cantrell has been interested in coding and space advancement since a very young age. He learned visual basic at age twelve and by sixteen years old was already designing rockets with his father. Now at age twenty seven, Colin is a hardware and software expert, inventor, composer, musician, philanthropist and entrepreneur determined to bring positive change to the world through his creation of Nexus.


Nexus(NXS)主要目的是让用户可以在没有中间银行或第三方媒介的情况下快速和安全地传输价值。它打算在区块链协议中添加一个空间元素来构建和完善它。Nexus计划与航空航天工企业进行合作,将“立方体”卫星发射到近地球轨道(“立方体卫星网络”),可能允许使用卫星通信发送加密货币(类似的概念是Blockstream卫星)。Nexus是由美国SpaceX公司的吉姆·坎特尔(Jim Cantrell)的儿子科林·坎特尔(Colin Cantrell)创立的。由于这种独特的关系,他们也打算与航空航天工业进行密切合作。