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AppCoins is an open and distributed protocol for App Stores using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Serving over 200 million users, AppCoin (APPC) tokens are the new native currency of the app economy that ensures trust without intermediaries.

    João	Castro

    João Castro

    Head of System Administration

    João is a former IBMer who built his career as an IT Consultant in the Czech Republic before moving to Lisbon. He takes particular interest in site reliability engineering and everything blockchain.

    Martin Užák

    Martin Užák

    Backend Developer

    Martin led most of his career as a software developer in Vienna, Austria. He has been developing in Python since 2002.

    Diogo Pires

    Diogo Pires

    Backend Developer

    Diogo has a background in Robotics and experience deploying scalable solutions in large-scale backend systems with new technologies.

    Luís	Pinto

    Luís Pinto

    Marketing Technologist

    Luís is a Marketing Technologist, working on projects at the intersection of Marketing, Technology and Analytics. He has experience in social network analysis, deep learning and natural language processing technology to solve marketing problems.

    João	Casal

    João Casal

    Head of R&D

    João has 12+ years of experience in IT, being the last 5 in Research and applied R&D Management in multinational contexts. Participated and led several R&D projects in mobile computing areas, including mobile payments and mobile advertising. Holds an MSc in Systems Engineering and a professional certification in Scrum.

    Carolina Marçalo

    Carolina Marçalo

    Head of Partnerships

    Luso-American with more than 10 years experience in business corporate strategy, leading Partnerships at Aptoide for the last 4 years. VP of OLD Association and member of SOCIUS Research center. Carolina holds a MA Degree in International Economics, and a BA in Economics from UMass Dartmouth.

    Ren Tang

    Ren Tang

    VP Product

    Before joining Aptoide to build the new internet of apps, Ren spent over 8 years in the US and in Germany incubating mobile games and apps at top tech companies such as Goodgames, EA, and Disney.

    Tiago C. Alves

    Tiago C. Alves

    VP Asia Pacific

    Tiago has over 12 years experience in technology related roles. He is a Software Engineering graduate from the University of Macao, with a Master Degree in Mandarin and an MBA in Tech Management from the University of San Francisco.

    Álvaro Pinto

    Álvaro Pinto


    Álvaro is a serial entrepreneur who loves technology, innovative ideas and projects. As a former ESOP President, the Portuguese Association of Open Source Software Companies, he has been advocating, for more than 15 years, the adoption of open technologies and open standards in private companies and in the public sector. Álvaro has a degree in law.

    Paulo Trezentos

    Paulo Trezentos

    CEO / Founder

    Paulo took his MsC in Factorisation of Numbers using NFS and Elliptic Curves and a PhD in solving dependencies in software components installation. A member of the open source community for a long time. He was founder and maintainer of LinuxCM, a Linux distribution with more than 700,000 users between 2007 and 2011.

ICO Date
ICO Raised Date2017-12-12
ICO end date2017-12-19
ICO Supply Amount
ICO Token/Coin Supply450000000 APPC
Hardcap15300000 USDT
Softcap2500000 USDT
Supply Change
Total Supply Change Before ICO450000000 APPC
Total Supply Change After ICO450000000 APPC
ICO Amount
ICO price0.0003339 ETH
Actual Fundraising15300000 USDT