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ARK is an Interoperable Blockchain Development Platform, Giving startups/developers/users the ability to build there own project/blockchain/app on ARK, or their very own ARK based chain. ARK provides 18+ Software Development Kits using most major programming languages, giving every developer an advantage to jump into Blockchain development without the need to learn a new programming language. ARK's SmartBridge Technology gives the ability for different blockchains, regardless of the protocols, to communicate with each other. ARK also has a native token, tradable at most major exchanges with lightning fast transaction times and fully customizable dynamic fees. Everything ARK provides is completely customizable to suit your needs or product.

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Ark - Mass Adoption Ecosystem

Ark is an innovative project that aims to do something truly unique in the crypto-ecosystem; unify the many differing blockchain networks that were previously thought be too incompatible with each other. By building the ARK platform on top of a highly secure core blockchain, integrating key decentralized technologies, and developing use cases to show off the abilities of the ARK network, ARK Crew provides a user-friendly platform to increase user adoption of blockchain technology as a whole. The project fell short of their initial 2,000 BTC ICO goal back in December 2016, raising only 1,279.67 BTC (or $998,000 USD). However, the project decided to continue ahead with their vision. One potential application of this project is that it promises to let users create blockchains on demand even if they have little to no technology background. This would open up the world to blockchain development in the same way that website-builders such as Squarespace and Wix have changed the web development/design world for small businesses.

ARK Rating Report

ARK aims to build a general platform that provides blockchain customization services and cross-chain interactions. By the customized services for DApp developers, each DApp runs on a blockchain that is independent to ARK and is able to interact with each other via ARK SmartBridge. Since the main project network was launched in March 2017, the current transaction volume in the block is small though, the current ecological construction and economic model design is not significant.
Coin Bureau

Ark Coin: Simplying the Blockchain Creation Process

The Ark project is trying to "bring blockchain technology to the masses". They are trying to do this by developing an ecosystem where developers can build their own standalone blockchain. Ark makes use of three important pieces of technology which are smart bridges, alternative programming languages and push button blockchain deployment. Smart bridges will build interoperability betwee incompatible chains. The numerous programming languages will allow developers with different backgrounds to also build on the Ark platform. The push button deployment will allow for effortless blockchain creation. Ark uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) consensus algorithm which will aid in the decentralised governance of the Ark ecosystem. Ark completed an ICO in November 2016 and raised 1,200 BTC. Volume is rather limited and the price is volatile with large daily swings.