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Max SupplyCirculating SupplyIssue DateIssue PriceConsensus ProtocolExplorer
Total SupplyCryptographic AlgorithmSource CodeWhite PaperWebsiteType
9,366,575Blake 256https://github.com/decred/dcrdhttps://www.decred.org/COIN

Decred is a community-directed digital currency designed to be a superior store of value for generations to come. Decred uses a hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism designed to keep PoW miners’ power in in check and ensure no group can make consensus rule changes without the consent of the community. Development is self-funded, with 10% of the block reward going to the project Decred Treasury and the remaining split between PoW miners (%60) and stakeholders (%30). Decred’s on-chain governance is supplemented by Politeia, a Reddit-style web-based platform where stakeholders vote on proposed changes to Decred’s governance and proposals to spend treasury funds.

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Decred report

Decred is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Its core concept is to remove the current centralization in Bitcoin. It emphasizes decentralized governance, using the “POW+POS” mechanism to make sure that voting rights will not be monopolized by a few miners or early participants. Advantages: 1) Decentralized governance model: Decred adopted “POW+POS” to balance the decision-making force of Bitcoin, achieving a balance among decentralization, security and performance. 2) High-speed iteration: Hard fork upgrade function + more scientific decentralized self-governing decision-making mechanism, enabling high-speed iteration. 3) Self-supporting funds: Unlike that in Bitcoin’s core team that most of the members are from blockstreamr, Decred does not rely on external funds for development. The blockchain automatically generates block rewards (10%) for team development to maintain the continuity of the network, ensuring the independence. 4) Good scalability: Decred’s underlying layer adopts a modular design that makes it easy to extend new capabilities. Upgrades like hard fork voting, privacy protection, lightning network and quarantine witness can be achieved. Disadvantages: There is still improving space in availability.

Decred - Analysis & Research report - CoinCheckup.com

Algo. score rating 3.7/5 (#113) 70% Open channels 60% Team Strength 98% Product Strength 90% GitHub Activity 71% Coin strength 80% Brand awareness See attached PDF Analysis & Research report for more details. See https://coincheckup.com/coins/decred for the most detailed data available on Ethereum.

Decred(DCR) Qualification: A, Risk: Low.

Rating Overview Qualification summary: A • There are several former Bitcoin developers on their team highly experienced in developing cryptocurrency. • The governance mechanism of Decred is purposely designed to deal with the current limitations and technical shortcomings of Bitcoin. Decred’s plans for improving the consensus layer, voting, and distribution mechanisms, are reasonably designed and can help to balance the interest between PoW miners, token holders, and developers. • Decred leaves some room for iteration, which together with its community self-governance can help ensure that this project is efficient in future competition. This project can stay active, reducing division and development delays resulting from internal consumption. Risk summary: Low • The liquidity will improve as DCR is listed on upbit and hubby.pro • Popularity remains at a steady level. The community is dispersed. Its telegram group has an average number of followers but the interactivity level is high. • No milestones of any sort are given. The team updates new features when development is finished. Before any completion is declared by officials, we can only assume development is in good progress.