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Max SupplyCirculating SupplyIssue DateIssue PriceConsensus ProtocolExplorer
1,000,000,00095,700,0002019-03-15$0.012000VRF and Threshold Cryptography1
Total SupplyCryptographic AlgorithmSource CodeWhite PaperWebsiteType

DOS NETWORK is a scalable layer-2 network that offers Decentralized Oracle Service to mainstream blockchains like Ethereum, ThunderCore, Ultrain, QuarkChain and etc. It enables more use cases and application scenarios by providing off-chain data and verifiable computing power to smart contracts and blockchains.

    Siyuan Hua

    Siyuan Hua

    Project Lead

    Former software engineer and tech lead at Google. Early Bitcoin evangelist, crypto expert and researcher, developing smart contracts and Ðapps since 2017. MS from Carnegie Mellon University.

    Qi Wang

    Qi Wang

    Operations Lead

    Former software engineer and tech lead at Pure Storage and Oracle. Early Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto assets investor, blockchain researcher and engineer. MS from Carnegie Mellon University.

    Eric Nien

    Eric Nien

    Tech Lead

    Former senior software engineer and team lead at Amazon. 12+ years of industry experience, expert in high-performance and large-scale distributed system. MS from National Cheng Kung University.

    Vipul Goyal

    Vipul Goyal

    Chief Cryptographer

    Assistant professor at CMU CS department. Top tier researcher in cryptography, security, privacy and theoretical computer science. Founding faculty member of CMU crypto group.

    Xinrui Wu

    Xinrui Wu

    Senior Blockchain Engineer

    Rich experiences in distributed system, database system, and blockchain development. MS from Northwestern University.

    Hongnan Liu

    Hongnan Liu

    Blockchain Engineer

    Former blockchain engineer at JD Financial. Experienced in both public and consortium blockchain development. MS from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication.

    Xiaohu Sun

    Xiaohu Sun

    Operations & Business Development Manager

    Former operations and user growth at U Network, former operations and business development at BYB Store. Tons of blockchain industry operations and marketing experiences.

    Yijie Weng

    Yijie Weng

    Marketing & Community Manager

    Former operations and business analyst at CERNET Corporation. MS from University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.

    Amber Wu

    Amber Wu

    Operations & Digital Media Manager

    Former digital marketing and operations lead at UnlimitedIP. Experienced in digital media and community operations. BS from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    Yijing Lin

    Yijing Lin

    Blockchain Engineer Intern

    Experienced in smart contract development. Blockchain technology enthusiast. MS in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication.

ICO Date
ICO Raised Date2019-03-11
ICO end date2019-03-11
ICO Supply Amount
ICO Token/Coin Supply15000000 DOS
Hardcap- USDT
Softcap- USDT
Supply Change
Total Supply Change Before ICO- DOS
Total Supply Change After ICO- DOS
ICO Amount
ICO price0.012 USDT
Actual Fundraising180000 USDT
AcceptingETH, BTMX