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holo - Where the Crowd is the Cloud

Holo is a decentralized hosting platform that enables fully-functional decentralized applications to serve mainstream Internet users, and provides the massively scalable crypto-accounting infrastructure required to host and manage these applications at such enormous volumes of usage.

Holo Rating Report

Holo is designed to be a decentralized peer-to-peer network, which supports distributed applications that are secured by cryptography. Powered by Holochain, which is an agent-centric distributed computing framework, the Holo network is scalable and energy efficient. However, the project is still in its alpha stage, public information about its performance and stability is rare. In addition, the development progress is behind its roadmaps, which shows that the development diffculty is fairly high.
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Holochain: The Project Developing Scalable Blockchain Alternatives

Holochain is a framework for decentralised applications (dApps). They are one of the projects that is doing this without the use of a blockchain. They are using an "agent" scentric approach to build their decentralised network. This will allow the Holochain network to take on other dApp projects that rely on blockchains. They hope that their solution will provide a network which is able to easily scale and reduce bottlenecks. The Holochain project has a strong team behind that are actively pushing dApp development on the platform. Holochain completed an ICO in early in 2018.
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Holo is a pragmatic compromise — a bridge for people to transition toward greater and greater decentralization and autonomy. But since Holo must interface with the centralized systems of today, some parts of it are also centralized. So this is not a typical crypto project or paper. We've already built a fully distributed platform in Holochain. Now we want to take it to the mainstream. Holo is the bridge to get there. This paper sets out multiple interdependent innovations that work together to enable a large shift in the landscape of crypto applications and currencies. After a brief overview to provide context for these innovations, we explain each: Technological Innovations: Scalable P2P applications on Holochain, Technological Innovations: Hosting P2P apps for mainstream users, Currency Innovation: Double-Entry Crypto-Accounting system for rewarding Hosts, Business Model Innovation: Leveraging excess capacity using Sharing Economy principles, Funding Innovation: Bonding ICO with Crowdfunding to demonstrate real demand and establish stakeholders in an ecosystem backed with real world assets. These innovations weave together to form a coherent approach. In order to have a self-regulating ecosystem hosting distributed applications, we need an accounting method that improves efficiency as it scales so we can reward hosts in the sharing economy of the ecosystem which is created by inviting all stakeholders to participate in the system through our ICO (Initial Community Offering) which provides the right to purchase hosting services. The Holo ecosystem relies on hosts that provide processing and storage for distributed applications while earning redeemable credits.