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Launched in 2015 by Colin LeMahieu as RaiBlocks, Nano is a low-latency payment platform that requires minimal resources; making Nano ideal for peer-to-peer transactions. INSTANT TRANSACTIONS Nano transactions happen immediately, so it's a currency you can use every day for purchases large or small. ZERO FEES Pay for the purchase, not the privilege – zero fees on whatever you buy, from bus ticket to business class flight. INFINITY SCALABLE Nano can process over 1000x more transactions per second than Bitcoin, so you'll never get stuck in a queue. EACH ACCOUNT HAS THEIR OWN BLOCKCHAIN With Nano, each account has their own blockchain as part of a larger directed acyclic graph. Each individual user provides the computational power for the verification of their own transactions, meaning entire network is not required to update the overall ledger together in massive blocks. WALLETS PRE-CACHE THE ANTI-SPAM PROOF-OF-WORK Wallets pre-cache the anti-spam Proof of Work for the next transaction once a transaction is sent, making transactions instantaneous, as both sides have the proof of work ready to go. RUNNING A NODE COSTS NEXT TO NOTHING Because the protocol is incredibly lightweight and running a node costs next to nothing, Nano’s transactions are processed with no fees. One transaction fits within a single UDP packet, and transactions are handled independently, eliminating any block size issue.

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Nano Rating Update

Nano, formerly known as Raiblocks, is a universal payment token based on a Block Lattice network structure, featuring no transaction fees, and a theoretical limit of 7000 TPS. In terms of payment integration, there are currently 110 merchants in the areas of games and goods and services that support Nano payments, but wallet support is low. In terms of technical development, the Nano team has not published a detailed roadmap, but instead lists completed and pending projects on its official website. The projects main achievements are thus far the launch of Universal Blocks, an implementation of Ledger pruning and the landing of implementation on the ledger Nano S hard wallet. The current Boulton version of the Nano network is in the testing phase. The future plan is to implement the Lazy Bootstrapping Protocol where nodes can monitor the network in real time and Store Confirmation Height.

Nano - Analysis & Research report -

Algo. score rating 4.5/5 (#6) 100% Open channels 66% Team Strength 98% Product Strength 100% GitHub Activity 94% Coin strength 90% Brand awareness See attached PDF Analysis & Research report for more details.

Nano Rating - The Fast and Free Way to Pay

Nano, which launched in 2015 and was initially called RaiBlocks, is a trustless and low latency platform created for the settlement of payments. Its sole purpose was to offer instantaneous transactions while at the same time addressing Bitcoins scalability problems. Like other digital currencies, it seeks to eliminate the use of fiat currency. Its mission is to become an instant, zero-fee, and scalable currency over a decentralized network.