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NavCoin is an open-source, blockchain based Proof of Stake cryptocurrency. Its design is public, nobody owns or controls NavCoin, and everyone can take part. It’s a platform that’s run by its users, for its users - with an incentivised network of nodes verifying payments all around the world. There are no banks or intermediaries that run NavCoin, and no one you need to deposit your money with. All payments are peer to peer, and managed by your wallet. Unlike the current system, you have total control of your money, and a say in how the network is run. Blockchains by their nature are public ledgers that allows anyone to view every transaction ever sent, which makes privacy a challenge. NavCoin is dedicated to providing privacy for users, so that your information can only be given with your consent, not taken. Security is the number one priority for NavCoin, which makes cold staking an important upcoming feature to be implemented. Instead of having all your coins connected to the internet - this allows you to participate in staking the network, while also keeping your coins offline for added protection. You can personalise your wallet using OpenAlias, which allows you to create an email-style address for your NAV. The service is built on top of the worldwide DNS service to convert a domain name into a cryptocurrency address, making sending a payment easier than ever. With nodes all around the world, the NavCoin network is running 24/7. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can send & receive payments anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, with no downtime - making it ideal for digital commerce. In the digital economy, sending payments around the world should be fast, cheap, and easy to do. NavCoin can be sent for a fraction of a cent, will show up within seconds (confirmed in 30 seconds), and there are a range of wallets designed to make sending NAV effortless.

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Coin Bureau

NavCoin (NAV): Project Trying to Simplify Crypto

NavCoin is a community driven project that is developing a cryptocurrency that is simple to use, scalable and private. It is actually one of the more established cryptocurrencies as it was launched back in 2014. It was started without any pre-mines or ICOs and continues to move along at its own pace. NavCoin was built on the Bitcoin Core code but there were quite a few changes that were implemented by the developers. For example, one of the more prominent changes was the addition of a sub-chain architecture. One of the features that these subchains (NavTech) can facilitate is coin mixing which will allow users to anonymise their transactions. NavCoin also makes use of a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm which they hope will help speed up transactions and facilitate scaling. The block times on NavCoin are only 30 seconds which is shorter than other comparable privacy coins. The NavCoin community has also approved and activated Segregated Witness which has helped to reduce the size of the blocks. NavCoin is also working on some new functionality including the Valence Project. This plans to make use of the NavTech subchain to allow for the development of anonymous decentralised applications (dApps). This is still in the early stages and there are some questions around the implementation. NavCoin was founded by a developer called Craig MacGregor in New Zealand. However, it is mostly driven by the community. Users are encouraged to get involved and help drive the project forward. NAV tokens have been available on the markets since 2014 but trading has only really picked up over the past year. They are relatively liquid and are now listed on a number of exchanges. They are, however, still quite volatile as compared to similar sized alt coins.

NavCoin Rating Report

NavCoin is a cryptocurrency, based o of Bitcoin. Serving as a decentralized payment instrument, NavCoin operates on the decisions made by its community. Currently, NavCoin can only be used in a very limited number of scenarios, and has not been widely trusted by the market.