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Max SupplyCirculating SupplyIssue DateIssue PriceConsensus ProtocolExplorer
Proof of Transmission/Proof of Spacetime/Proof of Retrievability1
Total SupplyCryptographic AlgorithmSource CodeWhite PaperWebsiteType
600,000,000Shannon Consensushttps://github.com/qlcchain/https://qlcchain.org/TOKEN

QLC Chain is the next generation public Blockchain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service(NaaS). The QLC Chain and supporting ecosystem will enable any individual, business or organization to leverage their network resources to instantly become a service provider or network operator. The mission is to bring people online through a simpler, more pleasant, and more secure way with full transparency. It deploys a multidimensional Block Lattice architecture and uses virtual machines (VM) to manage and support integrated Smart Contract functionality. Additionally, QLC Chain utilizes dual consensus: Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Shannon Consensus, which is a novel consensus developed by the QLC Chain team. Through the use of this dual consensus protocol and multidimensional Block Lattice architecture, QLC Chain is able to perform a high number of transactions per second (TPS), provide massive scalability and an inherently decentralized environment for NaaS related decentralized applications (dApp).

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Coin Bureau

QLC Chain (QLC) | Rating: 7/10 | Outlook: Flat

QLC Chain is developing a platform for distributed telecommunications. This will be based on a relatively new concept called the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). This will allow users to purchase and sell communication services to other users that are connected to the network. Technologically, QLC Chain is being developed on top of the Neo blockchain. The QLC Chain will be built on a multidimensional block lattice architecture. Smart contract technology will also be used to manage the time-limited connectivity and payments They are also going to making use of a two-chain consensus approach. The first that they will be using is Neo's Byzantine fault-tolerance consensus. The second is a unique consensus mechanism that is called "proof of shannon". This was developed by the QLC team and is a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake mechanism. QLC Chain has also released an application on the testnet. This is the WinQ App that functions as a QLC wallet, VPN node and wifi asset. This is now available in the Google play store as well as the Apple iStore. QLC Chain has also entered some important relationships with a large telecommunications provider in China. This is their partnership with the Montnets group. QLC Chain completed an ICO in December of 2017 and were able to raise a total of $19.3m in exchange for their utility QLC tokens. Given that these were issued on the NEO blockchain, they are NEP-5 standard tokens. Since launch, the team has been relatively active as evidenced by their GitHub activity. They have also been awarded a Binance gold rating on account of their communications with their community. Since hitting the exchanges in late December, QLC tokens followed the rest of the market. They are currently listed on a 5 different exchanges but over 95% of the trading volume takes place on Binance. The tokens are quite illiquid which means that they can also be volatile. They are quite susceptible to market news out of China.

QLC Chain

QLC Chain aims to build a public chain for Decentralized Network-asa-Service and has made some solid progress. However, the future project development is arguably difficult, and the project might face substantial market competition and regulation risk.

QLC Chain - World's First Decentralized Mobile Network

A decentralized global Wi-Fi sharing network. Users can share their spare or idle WiFi and be rewarded with Qlink Token. A decentralised billing system to re-package mobile data and excessive data selling to whoever wants to buy. Especially useful for content distribution on mobile network. A decentralized Enterprises Telecom Service, sucn as SMS / voice / data services on Qlink. Build decentralized telecom infrastructure. Users can deploy Qlink BaseStation supporting LTE-U protocol and POW + POS consensus algorithm mining.