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Created 6 years ago by original contributors to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skycoin is a 3rd-generation cryptocurrency platform that anchors a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem. At the core of the Skycoin ecosystem is a novel consensus mechanism called Obelisk, which moves beyond Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake to allow lighting-fast transaction speeds at the same time as being highly energy efficient, immune to mining centralization and 51% attacks. Skycoin fuels an entire ecosystem of applications including the new de-centralized internet called Skywire that empowers users to earn coins for providing secure, peer-to-peer bandwidth. Skywire runs on our custom-built Skyminer hardware devices and WiFi antennas to create a free and open mesh network. Fiber is Skycoin’s horizontally-scalable enterprise platform that offers companies the ability to leverage the power of Skycoin while maintaining control of their own highly-customizable blockchains. Designed from the ground-up to bring blockchain to mass adoption, the Skycoin platform is the most advanced blockchain platform in the world.m

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Skycoin Rating Update

The Skycoin network has been running for several years, and its block browser has been displaying records since 2015. At present, the project focuses on the development of next-generation communication network Skywire, programming language CX, storage system CXO, and the production of Skyminer miner and hardware wallet. The development of the project and the production of hardware have been delayed for many times, and the roadmap is also vague. Nevertheless, the development of its open source code remains active, and updates and progress reports are regularly released.

Skycoin | Rating: CCC | Outlook: Stable | Risk: High

Skycoin seeks to improve most components of a blockchain project, from the hardware to the blockchain architecture and programming language. But the implementation of the project is relatively difficult, and the efficiency and stability of the system are doubtable. Also, its member constitution and financial information are not quite transparent, which increases the risk of the project.
Coin Bureau

Skycoin (SKY): Creating a Decentralised ISP

Skycoin is the native token of the broader Skycoin project. The Skycoin project wants to create a cheaper, faster and more customisable internet that will allow users to earn returns by sharing bandwidth. Skycoin is trying to decentralise the ISP industry with their Skycoin and Skywire technology. Skycoin is coded in GO and it uses the coinjoin protocol to mix transactions in multiple wallets. It also uses a consensus algorithm called "obelisk". There is no mining with this protocol and it required each node to store its own personal blockchain. These personal blockchains will communicate with all the other nodes and can be audited to confirm "honesty" of the node. Skycoin also sells physical "Skyminers" which are the hardware devices that power the network. SKY is the native token in the network and is used to power this decentralised "Mesh" network. There are only 100m SKY tokens that will ever be in circulation and these were pre-mined. Only 25% of these were initially released with a further 5% released each year. SKY has been available for trading since April of 2017 and they have been much more volatile than comparable market cap altcoins.