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Market Cap $ 57,053,986
Max Supply100,000,000 SKY
Circulating Supply9,000,000 SKY
Issue Price $ 0.100000 6239.33%
Issue Date 2015-02-23


Created 6 years ago by original contributors to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skycoin is a 3rd-generation cryptocurrency platform that anchors a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem.

At the core of the Skycoin ecosystem is a novel consensus mechanism called Obelisk, which moves beyond Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake to allow lighting-fast transaction speeds at the same time as being highly energy efficient, immune to mining centralization and 51% attacks.

Skycoin fuels an entire ecosystem of applications including the new de-centralized internet called Skywire that empowers users to earn coins for providing secure, peer-to-peer bandwidth. Skywire runs on our custom-built Skyminer hardware devices and WiFi antennas to create a free and open mesh network.

Fiber is Skycoin’s horizontally-scalable enterprise platform that offers companies the ability to leverage the power of Skycoin while maintaining control of their own highly-customizable blockchains.

Designed from the ground-up to bring blockchain to mass adoption, the Skycoin platform is the most advanced blockchain platform in the world.