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Steem is an open source blockchain protocol capable of storing social information and distributing tokens based on a Proof-of-Brain algorithm. As the fastest, most transacted blockchain in the world, Steem is the only blockchain protocol capable of, and currently powering, multiple user-facing applications including,,,,, and more. In fact, the Steem blockchain not only processes more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined, it actually processes more transactions then the next 11 blockchains (in order of transactions) combined! The Steem blockchain creates opportunities for entrepreneurs by providing a scalable blockchain protocol which their application can tap into that is capable of storing a user’s content, social information, account information, json metadata, and more, while simultaneously empowering those users to earn cryptocurrency tokens (called STEEM) in exchange for sharing that information. The STEEM token features best-in-class properties like 3 second transfers and no fees thanks to Steem’s 3-second blocks and Delegated-Proof-of-Stake algorithm. With the upcoming release of the Smart Media Tokens protocol (SMT), the community will be adding to the Steem blockchain the capability to allow an entrepreneur, developer or community builder to launch their own customizable STEEM-like tokens on top of the Steem blockchain equipped with specific smart contracts for ICOs, Automated Market Makers, Autonomous Token Distribution, Founders Tokens, and more. SMTs will take full advantage of the Steem blockchain’s speed and unparalleled scalability to enable entrepreneurs to monetize their platform and bootstrap the value of their coin by leveraging all the lessons learned from Steem and More details can be found in the SMT Whitepaper at

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TokenGazer [STEEM] Rating: 4.3, Indicator Trend: Underperform | Updated November 29, 2018

Whether in the Internet era or the current mobile Internet era, centralized social media giants such as Weibo, WeChat, and Facebook are profitable through the massive data and user relationship networks brought by social networks. They get benefits from the originators and participants of the content, but never share the benefits. TokenGazer believes that Steem Dollar can't be "stable", and the root cause is the flaw in its design. The 1000x Group points out in its research on stable coins that in addition to its own automatic adjustment mechanism, the stable coin needs to be able to fully regulate market demand in a timely manner, in which case “stability” can be achieved.The conversion between Steem Dollar and Steem can only be from Steem Dollar to Steem. Steem Dollar's additional issuance mechanism is limited by the comment rewards and issuance ratio of the application platform. As the market demand increases significantly, the system cannot issue sufficient amount of additional tokens to adjust the impact of the surge in market demand on the stable coins. Therefore the price of the stable coins in the Steem system are in long-term deviation from the price of USD during drastic market fluctuations. The stable coin design in the Steem system is not particularly "stable".

Steem - Analysis & Research report -

Algo. score rating 3.6/5 (#174) 100% Open channels 34% Team Strength 78% Product Strength 73% Coin strength 80% Business strength 90% Brand awareness See attached PDF Analysis & Research report for more details.

Steem - Decentralized Social Media

STEEM is a reward platform and token created by Steemit, a blogging and social networking site that uses innovative blockchain technology to incentivize content creators. Similar to other blogging and social news websites such as Reddit, content publishers on the Steemit platform accrue reputation (upvotes) which can be redeemed receive monetary rewards in the form of a cryptocurrency token called STEEM, as well as an alternative token, STEEM Dollars (which is pegged to the US currency). Founded by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer - creator of BitShares and EOS back in 2016 - their concept was to create a decentralized environment where content creators could be adequately rewarded for creating content that added value or went viral. Not many cryptocurrencies are actively being used for real-world applications. Steem deserves a significant mention for having deployed a usable blockchain application, with a cryptocurrency that has real purpose and utility.