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TrueUSD, part of the TrustToken asset tokenization platform, is a blockchain-based stablecoin pegged to the value of USD. In the TrueUSD system, U.S Dollars are held in the bank accounts of multiple trust companies that have signed escrow agreements, rather than in a bank account controlled by a single company. The contents of said escrow account is verified by an independent third-party accountant that publishes monthly attestation reports. If someone wants to obtain TrueUSD through the online application, they will need to pass a KYC/AML check. Once that’s complete, they can send USD to one of TrueUSD’s trust company partners. Once the funds are verified by the trust company, their API will instruct the TrueUSD smart contract to issue tokens on a 1 to 1 ratio and to send them to the Ethereum address associated with the account at hand. Once in the wallet, the tokens can be transferred to a friend or used as payment, combining the advantages of fiat (stability and trust) with those of cryptocurrencies (reduced fees and transfer times). The user can also redeem real US Dollars by sending the TUSD tokens back to the smart contract address, which will notify the trust company, and initiate a bank transfer to the user’s account.

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True USD - Analysis & Research report - CoinCheckup.com

Algo. score rating 3.1/5 (#510) 100% Open channels 57% Team Strength 65% Product Strength 59% Coin strength 60% Business strength 60% Brand awareness See attached PDF Analysis & Research report for more details.

TrueUSD Rating Report

TrueUSD is a USD-backed stablecoin issued by the TrustToken platform. It is pegged to USD. Although the platform currently has a centralized management structure, it achieves a decent level of transparency by using escrow accounts for fund management and having a public accounting firm to issue attestation reports for it on a regular basis. However, the token is currently not widely used.
Coin Bureau

TrueUSD (TUSD): Bringing Stability to Tokens

TrueUSD is a stable coin project of the TrustToken platform. TrustToken is developing a platform where people could create asset backed tokens. These could include a range of physical assets such as stocks, bonds, property, commodities and intellectual property. These assets can be tokenized via the use of "SmartTrust" which are the smart contracts in the TrustToken ecosystem. TrueUSD is one of the first tokenization projects that was created on the TrustToken platform. It is a "stablecoin" that is fully collateralized, legally protected, and transparently verified by third-party attestations. This token is pegged to the price of the US dollar with a 1 to 1 ratio. It is an ERC20 stable coin that can be redeemed for an equal amount of USD. The biggest competitor to TrueUSD is perhaps also one of the most controversial and that is Tether (USDT). Both are tied to the value of the USD but the TrustToken team hopes to provide an alternative version which is easily auditable. TrueUSD tokens will not vary away from $1 in price otherwise there would be an arbitrage opportunity.