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Viacoin (VIA) is a cryptocurrency built for fast and secure microtransactions. Most cryptocurrencies have long confirmation times, high transaction fees and fail to offer a userfriendly experience. Viacoin offers the ultimate cryptocurrency experience for both merchants and customers. Viacoin transactions are confirmed every 24 seconds, which is much faster compared to other popular cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (2,5 minutes) and Bitcoin (10 minutes). Viacoin transactions are extremely cheap (<$0.0005) regardless of the amount you are sending. Unlike big payment processors like Mastercard, Visa and Paypal, Viacoin does not charge extra fees for international or intercontinental transactions. Viacoin has wallets on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. This makes Viacoin accessible for billions of people. The Viacoin network is secured by large mining pools, resulting in a high hashrate. Since its creation in 2014 the Viacoin network hasn't experienced any downtime or attacks. Viacoin's development is on par with Bitcoin and will continue to implement ground-breaking technology. Viacoin has adopted SegWit, which helps to shrink the size of a transaction and cope with the UTXO growth. It also aims to increase the per-block transaction throughput by a factor of 2 or 3, while simultaneously making block syncing faster for new nodes. With Viacoin you can perform cross-chain atomic swaps between different cryptocurrencies without using centralized exchanges. Viacoin was the first altcoin to integrate Peter Todd's OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY BIP 65 proposal. Our atomic swap contract uses SHA256 secret hashes (instead of RIPEMD160) as it is more secure and has wider compatibility with altcoins. Viacoin is Lightning Network ready, supporting both Lightning Network Daemon (LND) and C-lightning. Viacoin is currently working on multiple Lightning Network wallets for both desktop and mobile devices.

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Coin Bureau

Viacoin (VIA) | Rating 8/10 | Outlook: Positive

Viacoin is one of the more established cryptocurrencies as it has been around sine 2014. It was built off on the Bitcoin protocol and much like Bitcoin it was created as a decentralised P2P transactional cryptocurrency. Viacoin also has some unique features such as the scrypt hashing algorithm. Viacoin also makes use of Scrypt merged mining or "Auxiliary Proof-of-Work". This is a process whereby you can mine more than two coins simultaneously (in this case Viacoin and Litecoin). This means that Viacoin will benefit from the increased security and more hashing power that comes from the main Litecoin blockchain. Viacoin has also adopted support for the Lightning Network as well as Segregated Witness which many claim may help speed up the network. Viacoin was also one of the first cryptocurrencies to implement atomic swaps. Viacoin was started originally by a developer called "BTCDrake" and was eventually joined by Bitcoin core develoepr, Peter Todd. In 2016, they both left and the core developer mantle was passed onto a developer called "Romano". Most of the developers that are working on the Viacoin project are anonymous. The team seems to be quite active in development and their Github repositories reflect this. They are working on some new proposals in their roadmap. These include such features as improved privacy with untraceable transactions as well as full implementation of the Lightning Network Daemon. VIA is the native token on Viacoin and it has had quite a volatile trading history. There have been periods of extreme price swings as well as those of extended stagnation. During the 2017 bull run, VIA followed the rest of the market to ATHs but has fallen off dramatically since. Viacoin is available for trading on a number of markets although over 50% of the volume takes place on Binance. The coin has lower levels of liquidity than other coins with similar sized market caps so those trading it should be cautious of large price gaps.

ViaCoin Rating Update

ViaCoin is a payment token forked from Bitcoin based on the Script consensus algorithm and the AuxPoW consensus mechanism. Technically, AuxPoW enables miners to mine other tokens (such as LTC) in addition to simultaneously mining ViaCoin. Other technologies that have been implemented include Atomic Swaps and the Lightning Network. According to proposals announced during 2018, ViaCoin has performed poorly, and projects such as smart contracts, anonymous transactions, and MAST have only been partly fulfilled. ViaCoin ranks 38th among TokenInsight’s general payment token list, with low secondary-market liquidity. Its token distribution and mining Hashrate are uneven, and its payment scenarios are limited. The gap between the partners and the head project is large, therefore application prospects remain largely uncertain.

Viacoin Rating Report

Viacoin is derived from Bitcoin and supports embedded consensus, enabling merged mining with other Scrypt-based tokens. However, its development process is currently slow and its team’s information is currently undisclosed. Its network hashpower is highly centralized and no information about merged mining is disclosed yet. At present, its business scenario and application prospects are uncertain.