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100,000,000100,000,0002016-05-31$0.188400Leased POS1
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Waves is a blockchain ecosystem that offers comprehensive and effective blockchain-based tools for businesses, individuals and developers. The WAVES token trades on the largest global crypto exchanges and on Waves’ own secure DEX. Waves platform offers unprecedented throughput and flexibility. Features include the LPoS consensus algorithm, Waves-NG protocol and advanced smart contract functionality. Since 2017, Waves has collaborated with Microsoft Azure and been an official partner of Deloitte.

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Crypto Briefing

Waves Update 1 by Crypto Briefing

The Digital Asset Report and Evaluation (DARE) is a standardized, dynamic approach to evaluating blockchain-based projects and identifying value in the associated crypto-assets. The report is the result of an exhaustive research and analysis process based on seven fundamental factors. Based on a weighted grading, a verdict and letter grade conclude each report, which is followed up with periodic updates. The analysis, verdict and accompanying grade reflect our opinion on the long-term value prospects of a given token based on the current state of project development and indicators of future commercial viability. As a publication focused on assessing the long-term value and associated risks of a token project, DARE is not a short-term buy/sell indicator. Initiation reports provide readers a comprehensive analysis of the project fundamentals. The details include a project summary, introduction, presentation and analysis of seven key project fundamentals, concluding with a grade and final verdict derived from our weighted evaluation system. Each token or cryptocurrency will undergo a sequential reevaluation, with Update reports presenting the latest, most relevant analysis on a quarterly basis. The content contained in the update report is confined to analysis of changes in project fundamentals that influence the long-term value prospects of the token or cryptocurrency. Methodology We consider the project-asset paradigm from seven key angles: market opportunity, underlying technology, ecosystem development, token economics, core team, and roadmap progress. The evaluation examines the current state of the project, how it relates to the initially stated goals, and provides an analysis to approximate an accurate outlook for the future. The evaluation process utilizes a proprietary scoring system comprised of weighted variables based on the follow project fundamentals.

Waves Rating Update

The Waves project recently updated its smart contract feature and mobile wallet, and implemented expanded browser capabilities. The team updated its 2018-2019 roadmap to feature Tokenomica, centralizing trading from Q4 2018. In November 2018, Waves announced that it would launch a token trading platform in Malta and plans to launch new products from Q1, 2019.

Waves---a blockchain ecosystem that offers comprehensive and effective blockchain-based tools

Waves is a blockchain ecosystem that offers comprehensive and effective blockchain-based tools Upsides: 1)Started in early 2016, with a first-mover advantage 2)User-friendly products 3)The progress is in consistency with its roadmap 4)Pay sufficient attention to interactions within the communities 5)The project planning is adjusted flexibly in accordance with the situation in the market Downsides: 1)Both the centralized gateway and the opaque custodial address can bring about the risk of centralization 2)The products are not very innovative