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The project is exceptionally strong in all aspects: large, growing and engaged community; highly-responsive, experienced and visionary leadership; working products and/or unique value-propositions; and/or attractively-priced with high liquidity. Low-risk, high-reward prospect.


The project is fundamentally solid with no critical flaws: price is attractive; liquidity/volume is high; the leadership shows commitment to hitting deadlines, informing the community and pushing the project forward; development is consistent; community is highly-engaged and growing. Some minor imperfections in fundamental or technical soundness.


The project is mostly sound with some changes or improvements needed. Inconsistencies and weaknesses are present but overall the project is moving forward. Fundamental quality is perhaps greater than technical/price-related prospects, or vice-versa.


The project shows signs of strength and promise in various aspects of its community; development; metrics; and/or pricing; but there are key weaknesses in one or more of these areas that need to be mitigated. Low risk of abandonment. Some degree of liquidity available.


The project is largely in its infancy or is inconsistent in its development; small but growing community; work required to improve overall prospects; team do appear responsive and committed. Liquidity is not particularly high and/or price is unattractive.


The project is mediocre in all or many fundamental and technical aspects, but these are being worked on. Liquidity remains low.


The project is inconsistent but shows some signs of community engagement and continued development. The team are lacking experience and commitment to keeping the community informed. The project lacks overall direction but remains active. Liquidity is low and price is unattractive.


The project has some fundamental soundness in its development or community, but the community is small and largely lacking engagement, and the team are inconsistent in their communications and development. Large premine or Founders’ rewards. The liquidity and volume concerns are similar to above. High-risk, low-reward at current prices.


The project has poor fundamental qualities, an unresponsive team, trades very low volume with poor liquidity and/or is priced at all-time highs.


The project is mediocre in all or many fundamental and technical aspects, but these are being worked on. Liquidity remains low.

An Altcoin Trader's Handbook
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